Project Fifty

Whenever I think of polyester two things come to mind. The first is the advertising slogan from the 80’s, “Polyester: The Freedom Fabric”. If my memory serves me right the spokeswoman was Florence Henderson, which is kind of ironic since Mrs. Brady had a live-in maid.

"Think of all the time Alice will saving ironing..."

The second thing that comes to mind is a memory. When I touch polyester I am sucked back in time to the age of 3. The memory is of holding onto my mom’s leg because I was painfully shy around strangers. I would try to hide, my face pressed up against her polyester pants.

I had this piece of vintage plaid polyester knocking around my apartment just waiting to be used for a while.  It’s not often that I see patterns that have polyester as a suitable fabric anymore and I wasn’t able to use a vintage one to make a leisure suit. I get away with a lot fashion-wise but I think it would be a stretch.

I couldn't pull it off without the matching dudes.

I did however have a different pattern that I thought might just work. It was supposed to use cotton but I’m reckless when it comes to fabric.

I skipped the ric-rac detail because I thought it made the dress look a little too childlike. The finished dress is a bit retro.

Home alone taking photos

Front detail with belt

Paired with sweater and tights

8 thoughts on “Project Fifty

    • Thanks. You know, I spend a ton of time smoothing out my clothes before I sit down and pulling my dresses away from my legs so they don’t ride up when I walk but on Sunday I didn’t do that even once. It hung perfectly, never rode up and stayed wrinkle free. I would try polyester again.

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